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Jun 04, 2018

Change starts with yourself

If you are working on improving your close relationship, the best place to start is with yourself

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Jan 17, 2018

Information and download page for the Marriage Quiz

Information about the Marriage Quiz, a relationship tool developed by Dr. Nathan Cobb to assess eight important dimensions of a healthy relationship.

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Jan 08, 2018

Cobb & Associates Inc. Online Store

Cobb & Associates Inc. Online Store

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Jan 08, 2018

Home Finance Ledger and Budget Planner

Home Finance Ledger and Budget Planner Excel Spreadsheet. Track Expenses, Set Budgets,

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Nov 08, 2017

Individuality: Finding U In Us

Individuality - Finding "U" in Us, How to Maintain Individuality in Your Relationship or How to Keep "Us" Strong Without Losing Self

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Aug 12, 2016

Calgary Marriage Workshops

A list of upcoming Calgary marriage workshops and seminars for couples and singles, sponsored by Dr. Nathan Cobb or other community resources

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Sep 22, 2014

How to Stop Being a Victim

Why being a victim should not be a life sentence and using the power of forgiveness to overcome the victim mentality, heal and move forward

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Sep 22, 2014

How to Increase Your Happiness

Learn more about how to increase your happiness and what happiness is. Marinus Begieneman offers some ideas in this article from Cobb & Associates Inc.

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Sep 22, 2014

Be A Better Listener

Practical suggestions to help you in your quest to be a better listener in your important relationships

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Sep 22, 2014

How to Overcome Resentment

How to overcome resentment and to let go of and forgive past hurts

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Feb 18, 2014


Top three tips for handling conflict and disagreement with your spouse

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Feb 18, 2014

How To Use Family Rituals

How to use family rituals to stay connected as your family ages

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Feb 18, 2014

How to Handle Criticism From Your Spouse

How to handle criticism from your spouse

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Jan 16, 2014

Marriage Help E-Courses

Marriage help online resources, e-courses, and books for use either as marriage counselling alternatives or as a complement to marriage counselling

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Dec 03, 2013

First Step in Therapy

Taking the first step in therapy toward growth and healing by Diane Gibson

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