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Looking for marriage help but not sure where to begin? There are many helpful resources you can use to strengthen your relationship or to heal a troubled marriage. It can be daunting, however, to find the best sources of information. There are currently a number of high quality marriage self-help products and e-books available online. The courses and e-books I recommend below offer sound principles for strengthening or renewing your marriage.

Audio/Visual or Tele-Conference Home-Learning Programs

Fix Your Marriage. New Alternative to Counseling. Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel.

Fix Your Marriage

Mort Fertel knows how to heal marriages. He is a recognized expert on revitalizing and building strong relationships. Unsatisfied with the current state of marriage counselling as a whole, he believes couples need to learn to step away from their problems and learn to connect with each other through consistent positive actions.

The Marriage Fitness system he developed is an alternative to marriage counselling that focuses on restoring love and positive energy to the relationship.

For a price roughly equivalent to three sessions with a marriage counsellor you can have access to a complete home-learning package that includes 15 audio CD's you can listen to at home or on the way to work, a comprehensive Marriage Fitness workbook and personal journal, access to teleseminars with Mort Fertel and live Q&A teleconferences, and more.

He also offers free relationship assessments, and over fourty free articles to help you strengthen your marriage. This is an excellent site and resource.You don't have to make a purchase to benefit from this site. I highly recommend signing up for his free emails and relationship assessments, as I did. Click here to sign up. I found the ideas in his emails were practical and insightful. Many of them were real gems. Each one ends with an invitation to sign up for his program, but there's no obligation to do so.

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