Fee Schedule

Counselling Services

As of September 2021, our fee schedule for all new or returning clients are outlined below. They vary depending on the specific counsellor you are meeting with.

Counselling Hourly Rates:

Associates of Cobb & Associates Inc., who are fully registered with their relevant College:

$200 per hour
for individuals, couples and families

$220 per hour
for individuals, couples & families

WHAT IS A REGISTERED PROVISIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST?  The status of "provisional registration" (i.e. a "registered provisional psychologist") means that a therapist has completed all academic requirements to deliver psychological counselling services to the public as a psychologist under supervision of a fully registered and experienced psychologist, and is in the process of completing a certain number of supervised hours and a final practice exam in order to become registered without provision (i.e. with the R.Psych designation).

A NOTE ABOUT INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR REGISTERED PROVISIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS: While our experience has been that most insurance policies cover the services of a registered provisional psychologist, some plans and policies have stipulated that services provided by registered provisional psychologists are not eligible for reimbursement. As such, if you are planning to submit your receipts for reimbursement to your insurer, we strongly encourage you to contact your insurer ahead of time, before your first session, to confirm that your specific plan covers the services of a registered provisional psychologist.


direct billing available

We offer direct billing to 11 major insurers in Alberta. Direct billing reduces your out-of-pocket expenses, and eliminates the hassle of submitting your receipts for reimbursement. Please check with our front desk staff to determine if you are eligible for direct billing, since only some of our psychologists are able to direct bill. If not, you may still be able to submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

sliding fee scale

We do not have a sliding fee scale. However, we do not wish for anyone to be denied our services due to financial hardship. On a limited basis, therefore, and by special request, we are willing to reduce our fees for highly-motivated individuals and families with limited financial resources on a case-by-case basis.

Workshops and Seminars

1 Hour: $500
1.5 Hours: $700
2 Hours: $900
3 Hours (Half-Day): $900
Full-Day: $1800

Please note that the cost of a 2-3 hour workshop is the same because both require that a half-day be booked off in the clinician’s schedule.

Community Groups & Churches

1-1.5 Hours: No charge

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