Review of Dr. Lee Baucom's E-Book "Save the Marriage"

Save the Marriage E-Book Dr. Lee Baucom

Dr. Lee Baucom's e-book, "Save the Marriage" is an excellent resource for couples who want to re-vitalize their marriage.

The target audience for this book includes:

  • Spouses who want to work on their marriage, even when their partner doesn't

  • Couples who are in constant fights

  • Couples who feel distant or disengaged from each other and want to strengthen their relationship

  • Couples who have been unhappy in their marriage for years and are not sure how to change it for the better.

If you are feeling lonely, disconnected, always angry at your partner, or having a difficult time understanding your spouse and feeling understood by your spouse, then this book will help.

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One of the strengths of this book is the clarity and tightness of its writing. There are no unnecessary words and the author writes in a natural, conversational style that gives the reader a sense of being in the room with the author.

"Save the Marriage" can easily be read in one sitting, but don't mistake this for lack of richness in its content. The author, Dr. Lee Baucom, outlines essential principles and practices, or what he calls "right actions," for saving and revitalizing an ailing marriage.

Here some highlights of what you will find in the core book, "Save the Marriage":

  • A discussion of why traditional couple therapy often fails, pp. 4-8.

  • How to strengthen the "WE" aspect of marriage, and how to overcome specific dynamics that interfere with developing a strong sense of "WE" in the marriage, pp. 10-22.

  • A useful image for understanding how you can begin to shift the balance or patterns in your relationship to a more sustainable and satisfying marriage, pp. 23-26.

  • Three simple secrets to a successful marriage, including a powerful question that you can ask that will help you to stop arguing, on page 49.

  • Four ways to reconnect with feelings of love if it seems like you have lost loving feelings for your spouse. You’ll find these on pages 68-71.

  • How to handle a situation when you feel that your spouse or partner is yelling at you and you want them to stop, outlined on pages 96-98.

  • Three important practices that must be nurtured intentionally and regularly in order to create a successful relationship, discussed on pages 105-110.

  • ... and more, listed on Dr. Baucom's site.

Armed with a good understanding of these principles and practices, readers can be in a better position to act in ways that will strengthen rather than weaken their relationship.

My version of this e-book is several years old. When I first downloaded the book and read it myself, only the core book "Save the Marriage" was included for the purchase price. I was impressed by the richness of theory and principles in the book, but it did seem to me at the time that there were pieces missing.

When I put myself in the shoes of a reader in a failing marriage, I could imagine someone finishing the book feeling enlightened and more hopeful, but still thirsting for more specific information about applying these principles in concrete ways on their own. At the time, I considered this to be a potential weakness of the book.

However, Dr. Baucom has since included a number of very helpful bonuses with this book that serve to fill this vacuum with specific guidance for tough situations. These additional bonuses include the following reports or audios:

  • The Top Five Things Not To Do When Your Partner Wants Out.

  • The Quick Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage.

  • Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage.

  • Coping with a Midlife Marriage Crisis (Audio).

  • Recovering from an Affair (Audio).

  • 5 Rules for Fair Fighting Report.

  • A bonus e-book, "Change of Heart" by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault.

Overall, as a helpful resource to couples, I recommend this book. Most readers will probably need to read these books several times to let the information in them sink in. Some readers may still want or need the help and support of a caring professional or a third-party who can guide them in implementing the principles outlined in this book. I do believe, however, that the information offered in these pages can be a valuable asset in a couple's quest to achieve the marriage they desire.

For more information, please click here to go to Dr. Lee Baucom's website to learn more about "Save the Marriage."

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