Third Party Reimbursement

What is Third-Party Reimbursement?

This means that a third-party, such as your health insurance plan, reimburses you for healthcare costs. Alberta Health insurance does not cover the services of a registered psychologist, but many extended health insurance plans do.

How Do I Know if My Plan Covers Your Services?

Look on your statement of benefits (a list of services that your plan will pay for). Your employer or insurance plan should provide you with this statement. Note the amounts and conditions, if any, that apply to psychologists or registered psychologists. Some plans have an annual limit on what they will cover and will keep reimbursing you until you reach that limit. Other plans stipulate that they will pay only a portion of each session. If you are in doubt, call your insurance company to clarify.

How Does it Work?

We collect payment up front and provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. Usually, you'll need to submit a claim form as well. You should be able to obtain the appropriate claim forms from your employer, or directly from the insurance company. After processing the forms, some plans send your reimbursement check to you in the mail; others may offer direct deposit into your account.

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